The highest quality of services

We know how important our work is, that is why we strive to ensure that the services are at the highest level.

Safe and timely delivery

Deadlines are sacred. We fulfill the dreams of timely deliveries, regardless of the destination of transport.

Delicate and careful handling of valuable goods

We make sure that all shipments, especially those specifically marked, are transported and carried in a safe manner, without being subjected to any damage.

Experience and professionalism.

Our company was founded in 1992 and has continued until today without any breaks. However, we have experience in transport since the early 1980’s. Thanks to experience and professionalism, we have been trusted by many clients with whom we have been cooperating for over 20 years.

Many years of experience allows us to perfectly plan the transport of all goods, so as to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our advantages



Experience and professionalism

Professional services

Over 25 years of experience helps us to fulfill your orders.


We remember that thanks to safety and protection, we are able to act as planned. We keep all the principles that allow us to work smoothly.

Transport międzynarodowy

Oferujemy transport międzynarodowy, podróżując praktycznie po całym terenie EU+CH+N.

The best solutions for all clients:

We dedicate our clients to only the best solutions, trying to meet all expectations in 100%.


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