International transport is the main pillar of our business. We have been operating on the market since 1992. For years, we have acquired experience and recognition among our clients, and we are perceived as a trustworthy transport company. We offer top-quality services, arriving at the destination on time. Our truck tractors (DAF, Mercedes) and universal semi-trailers measuring 13.60 in length, 2.48 in width, height: 2.75/2.79/2.85 are the best choice for each type of products. Our tractors comply with the EURO6 norm and are equipped with telematics systems. Certified semi-trailers (XL certificate) and additional Multi-Lock cargo fittings make our fleet unrivalled. We also have additional straps with the strength of 500DaN, corner protectors for straps, non-slip mats, and spreader beams.

We are constantly trying to adapt to the prevailing conditions with regard legal requirements concerning the transport industry. We participate in trainings ensuring the use of theoretical knowledge in practice.

We systematically update our car fleet to ensure problem-free, environmentally-friendly deliveries, comfortable for our drivers.

Our success is mainly determined by the team composed of only the best professionals. We strive to follow the wise words of Winston Churchill: “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Our shippers fluently communicate in English and German to effectively execute deliveries in various destinations around Europe. They track all shipments in real time using the track-and-trace system to ensure the highest effectiveness of transportation. Such an approach guarantees that our transportation services remain of the highest standard at every stage of execution.

Our drivers have long-term experience in international traffic, they identify with the company and exhibit great commitment in performing transport orders.


Especially for you, we implement all assumptions of proper and efficient road transport and its organisation. Our experience allowed us to develop for our employees a reliable system of deliveries in many European countries. We go beyond the possibilities of average companies, planning our routes much earlier and preparing appropriate logistic solutions. The longer the route, the more demanding we are towards ourselves, bearing in mind the client’s best interest.

We will also help you prepare and understand any formalities, plan together the most optimal route and ensure that the product is shipped using the right means of transport. Our professionalism will also allow for timely deliveries across the whole EU+CH+N.


For our clients, we guarantee a carrier’s liability insurance in the amount of EUR 300,000. Such an insurance is not just an unnecessary expense but an investment, especially if the goods are particularly valuable. Despite the meticulous international freight forwarding, sometimes random events can occur during transport that no one could have foreseen.